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More Fall Action Tips From Gardenhart Landscape & Design

Fall is well on its way here in Southwest Colorado, the nights are cold and the days usually sunny and cool. Perfect weather to work in your garden or ride your mountain bike ( watch out for hunters, wear your orange ) in the woods around Durango.   Gardenhart Landscape & Design is working with a few clients to get some trees in the ground before winter really sets in, a good idea I wrote about several weeks ago.  More things to think about to get ready for winter…

1)   Start a calendar so you can track when and how much you water your trees and other plants.  It does not have to be very technical about how much water was applied, just give yourself in idea, a lot or not so much this time. You will use this information in the upcoming months to help you decide  when you should water during the winter.

2)   Turn your compost at least one more time, before it freezes, this will give the worms a good supply of water and table scraps to feed upon for the next few months. If you do not have at least two piles going, start another one now with all the leaves from your yard and the neighbors ones as well.

I hope this information is helpful to my readers and gives you things to do to help get your landscape in the shape you want, there are many things you can do.  Any questions about your landscape or topics you would like me to address?

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