Durango Snow Removal

Gardenhart purchased a large snow blower last fall and was able to keep many of its clients driveways and sidewalks clear and safe for pedestrians last year.

Snow removal  is a chore that does not always provide satisfaction,  like planting a new tree. You work for an hour shoveling the drive, only to have it covered again in the morning. Durango is known to have back to back storms that can deliver significant snowfall over several days.  So it is best to keep on top of shoveling before significant accumulations make it icy, thick and difficult to move.

Gardenhart Landscape & Design uses a snowblower, not a plow on their truck for several reasons. First, it is much more suited to driveways and sidewalks than a plow. Plows are  efficient for roads and parking lots, not smaller areas.  Another reason is that it blows the snow away from the area being cleared,  instead of piling it up at the edges. It also tends to do less damage to adjacent plants and sprinkler systems.

So,  give Gardenhart Landscape & Design a call at 970-749-1555 if you find yourself getting behind in the snow removal chore, we would be happy to help dig you out!  Find out more information about Gardenhart at http://www.gardenhartlandscapedesign.com and on Facebook for more sustainable landscaping tips.


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