Selecting a Landscaping Professional: What Questions To Ask in Durango Colorado

Questions to Ask a Landscaping Professional in Durango Colorado

In a previous blog, I was writing about how to select a landscape architect, designer or contractor to design and complete landscaping projects on your property.  I am assuming that you read that post and now you are ready to actually call someone and set an appointment for them to come to your site and talk about what you want to accomplish.

One of the first things you should notice is do they answer their phone or promptly call you back. It should not take them days to return your call, by the next morning if not sooner. Once you have them on the Landscaping Durango Colorado Gardenhart Landscape & Designphone, they will probably ask you a few questions about what you are hoping to achieve, how you got their number and then they might want to schedule and appointment to meet at your house.

This is where you really can decide whom you want to work with, you can get an understanding of them as a person. Do they listen to what you want and ask lots of questions or have they decided what you need? A good designer will gather as much information as possible about how you hope to use the land and incorporate that into their planning.

If you did not discuss their qualification before meeting them, you should do so now, asking about schooling and what area of the country have they done most of their work, are they familiar with the soil, plants, climate attributes specific to your geographical area?

Check out this article for even more details.

I recently looked in our local Durango, Colorado yellow pages and counted over fifty companies listed under Landscaping Contractors, obviously, they have different levels of experience, some who have been in the industry and this locale for many years and have numerous references. There are others who have a shovel and a pickup truck and can plant a bush. Your job is to determine who will give you the best value, a functional outdoor space for an appropriate price.

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