How Do You Select A Landscape Architect, Designer or Contractor for Your Durango Colorado Landscape Project?

How To Select a Landscape Professional for Your Durango, Colorado  Landscaping Project

If you are considering having improvements made to your outdoor landscape this summer, you might be wondering who to turn to for the best advice and the most value for your dollar.  After a quick look at the FourDurango Colorado Landscaper Gardenhart Landscaping Corners Directory Plus phone book under the heading for Landscape we see no less than five landscape architects, seventeen landscape designers and SIXTY FOUR people and companies listed as landscape contractors.  How do you get started?

1)  Do a web search, the first two pages will narrow the possibilities down considerably, leaving you established companies with satisfied clients and their referrals.  I would then look at all of their websites, looking at the content and photos of work completed and read the referrals.

2)  Contact the individuals if they are named and get a firsthand account of their experience with the company.  If they give their name, they are probably willing to speak honestly with you about the landscape designer or landscape contractor.

3)   Call and set up an appointment with the companies or individuals that you feel most reflect the type of work you wish to see on your property

Gardenhart Landscape & Design and I, David Hart, hope that this gives you a good place to start on your search for help with creating the landscape that you have always dreamed of, easy to take care of, affordable, wild fire resistant and practical for our climate in the Durango Colorado area.

In upcoming posts, I will give you some ideas about the skill sets comparing Landscape Designers, Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors.  You might be surprised that they are quite different.  I will also discuss what to ask during your first interview with a possible designer, architect or contractor.

David Hart
Gardenhart Landscape & Design

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