Snow Removal Tips for Durango, Colorado. What to do before it snows.

Durango, Colorado received up to fifteen inches of snow in the last few days, covering everything that is outdoors. This includes old newspapers, rags, brooms, pieces of carpet, dog toys, piled leaves, etc.  All of these items are not appropriate for consumption by a snowblower.  Not only does it take a long time to clear debris from the machine, they may actually break the shear pins that hold the rotor in place.  This requires repairs and prevents you from completing the task at hand.

Gardenhart Landscape & Design recommends when the first snow event of the season is close, take a moment to walk around your property and pick up things which may be in the way of snow removal operations, this will save me time and you money.  We all want to make the most of both of those resources.  Durango, Colorado  only gets several snowstorms like this each year that require snow removal and we at Gardenhart Landscape & Design try to make it as painless as possible.  For more information about Gardenhart Landscape and design, go to our website at

Another tip is to put up markers to indicate  edges of  driveways, walkways, sprinklers, water main lines or other important items you may need a snow removal expert to be aware of, so as not to break or damage those items.  If you plan to have someone else remove your snow, it would be a great idea for them to come out before it snows, so that your landscape is the best protected and the contractor can see any delicate items.

If you would like more information or need some snow removed call DavidHart at Gardenhart Landscape & Design, 970749-1555 or email at


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