Fall Action Steps For Your Colorado Landscape From Gardenhart Landscape & Design

Last time I wrote about the cooler weather arriving here in Durango and some things we should be doing outside. I will continue with a few other things you should make time to do.

1)  Mulching your perennials with garden compost is a great idea and the plants will really respond in the spring. The compost that you have been growing all summer is done now and you should put it around your favorite plants. It will slowly leach nutrients into the soil with each freeze and thaw cycle and come springtime, the plants will spring forth!

2)  Resist the temptation to prune everything back to the ground in order to make it look neat and clean. Yes, you can deadhead the flowering plants and remove any broken branches or stems, but I would leave major work to be done in the spring, like Butterfly bush and other plants that need to be cut back each year.  Give your garden a nice look when the snow gently covers it all.

Great Fall Color

Great Fall Color

This Fall Pruning Job is a little excessive

This Fall Pruning Job is a little excessive



Fall is a wonderful time to garden in Southwest Colorado, it is not too hot to be outside. We at Gardenhart Landscape & Design are finishing up a few local projects and starting the design process for a home up on the Florida Mesa. We might be able to get a few things in the ground this fall if we hurry.

Here’s to a Successful Landscape,

Dave Hart

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