Fall Action Steps for your Colorado Landscape from Gardenhart Landscape & Design

The air has definitely cooled off  here in the Durango Colorado area the last few days, especially in the evening, with the hard frosts we have received. Many of us have lost the above ground vegetables by now.

I will share some of the fall action steps you can do for your landscape this time of year in the next few posts to this blog.

1)   Reduce the amount of water that you put to your plants, this will not only save you water, but it will start to harden them off, in preparation for really cold weather.  This is very important for your shade trees with soft bark, such as maple and ash.  Freeze cracks in the outer layers of the bark will eventually stress the tree and cause its decline.

2)   If you have a lawn,  try to keep it mowed more frequently than you might otherwise do in the summer months.  Not only does it make it easier to rake the leaves, but the lawn will over-winter much better if it is shorter.

We here at Gardenhart Landscape & Design are always happy to answer all of your questions concerning landscaping and your gardens.  People often call me with their landscape  problems that are very easy for me to suggest a solution.

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    Is there a way to know how much water is needed? Is it a good idea to plant grass seed in the fall?

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      davidwhart55 said,

      Candee….. Soil moisture meters are avalable at most nurseries and garden centers and can be used effectively to measure how much moisture is in the soil. But more important is understanding how and when plants need and use water. That is the million dollar question that all good plant people are trying to understand each and every day for each and every plant! Some are planted in very well drained soil, others not so good and some are in full sun, others in partial shade. The variables in landscape plantings can be endless, especially when you factor in the different species and varieties we all want to have in our gardens. My best advice to you is this, first, try to understand how your soil responds to water, does it absorb or run off, then you will know how much is avalable to your plants. Then, you must be familiar with the requirements of the individual plant, dry or wet, sun or shade etc. Last, you need to know how rain or snow affects the soil moisture in your garden. Sorry that there is not an easy answer, like ” You need one inch a week”, but as you start to pay closer attention to all the factors, your garden will become a larger part of your life and you will get more satisfaction from your efforts!

      As to your question about planting grass seed in the fall, it’s best to get the soil all prepped now. Meaning free of weeds, level, amendments tilled in. Then in cold snowy areas, plant the seeds just prior to the first snow, or even just after the first dusting. This snow layer will keep the seeds moist all winter long. If you are in a dry area it is better to seed in the spring.

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