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Landscape Tips for Durango Gardeners

Many of you may not realize that fall is on it’s way and that this is an excellent time of year to get plants in the ground. I get phone calls from people who are worried that it is too late to purchase plants or get that landscaping project started before the winter.

Fall planting is highly recommended by many nursery professionals and landscapers for several reasons that I would like to share with you.

1]  Fall planting is less stressful on the plants than spring or summer, ambient temperatures are lower and humidity is often higher, which creates a gentler environment for the plants to become established.

2]  It takes several weeks for plants to recover from being transplanted and to start to grow in their new location. If we put them in the ground now, they will settle in and be ready to grow in the spring, without any hesitation or adapting to the new location.  They are more acclimated and ready to get on with it!

3]  Many nurseries and garden centers have fall sales or specials on selected plants. This is a good opportunity to get more value for your dollar than in the spring, when everyone wants trees and shrubs. These businesses would rather have the plants at your house, in the ground, than overwinter them and sell them in the spring.

4]  Landscapers, like Gardenhart Landscape and Design, like to book work through the fall, and will often discount their prices slightly to remain busy until the ground freezes and it becomes very difficult to landscape in the Colorado weather!

So, in summary, if you are thinking about doing a landscape project this summer and have not started it yet, do not despair, get going and call us. You will gain a whole growing season by doing it this fall and you will also save some of your hard earned cash.


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