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Five Star Feng Shui and Gardenhart Landscape & Design Promotion in Durango, Colorado

Here is some news from Durango that will interest most  homeowners who like advice concerning their home and gardens.  Five Star Feng Shui and Gardenhart Landscape & Design have collaborated to offer a special package this spring and summer. After several conversations about what we discuss with our clients, Candee and I realized that lots of people will benefit from both of our areas of expertise. My clients often will complain about how they wish they had a more functional outside area to relax and entertain in, while she will often consult with people about how to make their inside areas more pleasant and efficient to use.  This is a situation where we would be able to offer lots of solutions or possibilities to help them see how well their homes and gardens could support their lifestyle.

Gardenhart Landscape & Design along with Five Star Feng Shui will travel to your location and consult with you concerning how your indoor and outdoor spaces can be better organized and utilized by you and your family. We will discuss how the elements of Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth can be incorporated and manipulated to achieve harmony in your home and landscape environment.

This  spring and summer promotion is as follows, five hours of consultation/design work from both of us for only two hundred dollars or you can choose the larger package of twelve hours for five hundred dollars. Our labor can be used to design a plan or you can choose to have us do some of the work, whatever you like.


Durango, Colorado Curb Appeal Stimulation Package

Durango, Colorado Curb Appeal Stimulation Package


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Pruning Guidelines for Durango, Colorado

I have been doing quite a bit of pruning around  Durango and and La Plata county this spring and have taken a few before and after pictures. I hope that by posting these pictures you might undertake to prune some of your own bushes and trees this spring. If not, give Gardenhart Landscape & Design a call, we would be happy to help you out.

The Best Pruning Rules for Durango Colorado

Remember, the first rule is always remove dead, diseased and touching branches first, this is primarily for the health of the plant. Then we get to look at the overall shape we desire, flat against the building, vase shaped, open in the center for air circulation, low growing so it does not crowd the sidewalk etc. The many different places that we put ornamental plants into the landscape require us to maintain them to an appropriate size and shape.

You can see the difference from removing several branches, the shape of the tree becomes much more obvious, many of the branches were too close together, crowding and competing for sunlight and space to grow.  The crab apple was too tall so I removed several of the topmost branches in order to promote growth in the areas that I desired as well as removing lots of sucker growth.  The Russian olive was heavily overgrown in all areas, so I removed lots of branches that were competing with each other. I think that this tree still needs some work, but it is in a rural setting and does not need to be perfect!

One more bit of advice, do not be in a hurry to remove lots of branches, you can always prune them off later, but they are very difficult to re-attach! Go give it a try and let me know how it works out.

David Hart

Gardenhart Landscape & Design

Durango, Colorado

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