Protect your bulbs NOW! Gardenhart’s Tips for Durango Colorado.

Durango, Colorado’s Hungry Deer; How to Prevent Animals Eating Your Favorite Bulbs

I couldn’t believe that as soon as the snow has melted the bulbs are starting to grow.  We live in an area that the deer and elk are prevalent and food is scarce this time of year, so they eat whatever they can find.  My wife had also forgotten that we live where deer are searching for food.  Unfortunately we planted quite a few bulbs on the south side of our house where the deer can get to them easily.  Last year we didn’t really get to enjoy the tulips because the deer had eaten them all.  We did enjoy the daffodils and grape hyacinths because the deer don’t like them at all.

My recommendations are to protect your tulips and other bulbs with a screening using chicken wire or re-mesh, which is used under concrete.  There are some products like Deer Away that you can spray on the plants, but the best way to deter them is to fence them out.  Plant lots of daffodils if you know there are deer that may want to eat.


David Hart

Gardenhart Landscape & Design


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